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Farmer Enrichment Program© Africa

Seed2Shirt’s Farmer Enrichment Program© is the culmination of efforts dedicated and centered on the empowerment of marginalized people leading to the rebuilding of community and countering systems of inequity. Our driving purpose empowers black, indigenous people of color (BIPOC) farmers—particularly cotton farmers in the U.S. and Africa to earn livable wages, gain training, grow resources, and positively impact the global apparel production supply chain. 

Our apparel line does not start with just a concept and design it starts in the field with farmers working within regional land environments producing food and commodities.

Farm Tools Program

We provide tools and supplies needed to successfully and accessibly flourish as farmers.

Farmer Tool Initiative (People & Resources), supply through our tool provision program the tools necessary to support small-scale cotton farming in the villages we support. Goals objectives to identify type/need for tool, understand current or future tool support deployment programs, to develop the proper loan-to-own model. We will then work tool, partners/sponsors to supply (per harvest) supporting tools via our: loan-to-own model program the tools necessary to safely harvest, collect, store cotton yield. Annually and quarterly we will address farmers’ needs and identify our models of deployment/support has met the needs of the farmers who’re participating in the program. 

Women Enrichment

We aim to open doors for women through resources and opportunities they wouldn’t naturally have access to.

Woman & Youth Farming Resources (Heritage & Our Future), women and the youth play a significantly increased role in farming operations across the globe and in particular in African countries.  This can often times mean limited resources for the youth to be exposed to critical farming best practices and support to the parents to balance the need for help on the farm, education, and training for their children in agricultural trades.  Our youth farming and training opportunities will support the parents with employing in best practices for youth working on the farm like youth 4H programs. Our team works with industry experts to offer workshops and hands-on resources that support how the small-hold farmers will implement these models of training into their farm; which will not only support youth working on the farm; as well as assist their parents in preserving their farming heritage. 

Soil Science

Some say, we only have 20 harvests left. Our cotton farmers in Africa and the U.S. are facing extreme soil issues causing an impact to yield. Our Soil Science enhancement program works with farmers getting support, education, and resources on their soil.  

Regenerative farming training (Land & Environment), in a partnership with village/community, local and regional leaders, supporters-sponsors who’ll offer best practices resources that are based on current leading small hold, land sovereignty environmental models that support the environmentally restorative agroecology models of farming through our offered hands-on work-shops. Improve organic cotton production yields and
increasing soil organic matter of farm plots is an ultimate goal.

Farmer Training

We are devoted to sustainability and in essence, that means making sure that black farmers can not only thrive independently succeed, and build into the future.

Training The Farmer Enrichment Program consists of hands-on training. Conducted in an: In-person, augmented by digital-virtual delivery in order to maximize delivery to participants. Our program training modules Include 6 modules taught throughout the year, which includes evaluations and improved outcomes to help us achieve our “positive impact goals”.