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Farmer Enrichment Program©   

Purposefully designed and powered by our sales and internal resources, we’re committed to reclaiming and rebuilding Afro-indigenous owned cotton-to-apparel ecosystems and championing Afro-indigenous cotton farmers in the US and Africa. Our program tackles universal challenges in environmental sustainability, resiliency, and market growth creating a thriving future for African diaspora makers and cotton farmers. By promoting healthier cotton growing practices, and investing in black-owned infrastructure, we strive to fortify Afro-indigenous communities’ position in the cotton-to-apparel ecosystem. Committed to making a lasting impact. Join us on this incredible journey!

Soil Health Training

Afro-indigenous land stewardship soil health informed 3 main components: Improving Soil Organic Matter – Honoring Afro-indigenous Ag. Practices & Implementing Climate Beneficial™ changes on land

Resiliency Training

Educational workshops. Focused on 3 Areas: Resiliency in Marketplace – Farming as a Business & Farm Legacies – Succession Planning for the Future. Offered on our internal training platform, available in Native tongues, English, and French

Tools for Harvest

Connecting farmers to direct equipment resource needs via our equipment trust program. Our US program is an eqpt trust model donated based on need. In Africa, it’s an eqpt provision model provided to community farm families.

Seed2Shirt-Seed Fund

Our micro-grant Seed Fund provides farmer’s funding resources to support real-time planting/harvesting needs. The micro-grant program will run year-round and when launched will support early planting needs

“We could have just made our shirt, sold the design, and walked away—but that’s not how we’re built. We understand the history, power, and use of cotton; the value of crafting something and nurturing thriving communities from the ground up. That’s why we’re working to rebuild the black cotton-textile-to-apparel ecosystem from Seed2Shirt, ensuring it lasts for generations to come. ” ~ Tameka R. Peoples Founder, Seed2Shirt

US – Farmer Program


Africa -Farmer Program


At Seed2Shirt we live by the pillars of our firm. The 4-Pillars that are the essence of our brand and is what drives us every day, is what we call our 4-P’s of our operations and work: People first | Profit for Good | Programs that support and improve livelihoods, by creating Products that matter.

Our Partners in US & Africa

National Veteran Non-profit Org. – Who Provides responsive empowering, actionable lasting (REAL) change to our communities one program at a time

International Organization – Who develops regional fiber systems that build soil & protect the health of our biosphere

Burkina Faso National Cotton Producer Coop – Who is our proud 5+ yr. partner for the W. Africa Farmer Enrichment program across all 8-cotton regions