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History Legacy & So Much More

The shirt or hoodie on your back doesn't start in the store...its starts in a field of cotton.  Many of our ancestors have toiled away in the cotton fields that built the legacy and capitalism in the US. Production, is in our veins ss, let's get back to it, same method different times, new tools.  Back to basics restoring the legacy of production.

From the cotton fields, to production house, the print shop too your closet our Apparel line is provided by the African diaspora. Our apparel & manufacturing company ensures that those from the African diaspora are in each portion of the production value-chain.  

On the Shoulders of Our Ancestors We Will Rise

Our Story

Connecting with production, harnessing manufacturing , and leveraging technology all in an effort to harnesses what it means to support black-owned/operated businesses at every stage. Our team accounts for cotton production with our organic cotton farmers, African diaspora textile/manufacturing workers, and black-owned print shops. Connecting in ways that captures the essence of "Black Wall Street" and group economics. Our ecosystem of production can support your brand needs today

Our Products


Our unique line of polo's offering a blank and signature line


Tee shirts for your brand providing you an option with the same quality

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Now you can source a black-owned distributor for you most used products...tee-shirt, polo's and hoodies...Contact us today to learn how, to carry our line in your shop today

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Have a business and brand, you want backed by a quality line, printed at your favorite print shop. We look forward to being your choice...learn how to use our line of apparel for your brand. There's no print shop we can't supply

Craft Shops

Reaching our customers no matter where they are, special orders and soon in a shop near you. Our line will be carried in all local/major stores and online i.e. WalMart, Micheal's, Shopify and Amazon

Support - Rebuilding A Legacy

Not in need of apparel, but want to support our efforts to rebuild manufactuing in diverse communities. Please go to our "Go Fund" me page where your donations can help our grassroots efforts to make this vision a reality.

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