Vision & Mission

Our Mission & Vision  is simple: get back to production, manufacturing, and distribution in the African-American community, using 21st century vertically integrated business processes and models. Our goal is to positively impact our community, and the globally connected community our company represents.  We produce and distribute  apparel "blanks", T-shirts, Polo's & Hoodies, for brands and businesses through our  "cut - make & trim"  production & fulfillment facility. 

African Diaspora Apparel & Manufacturing, and its Seed-2-Shirt Initiative, represents the connecting of a community, a focus on fashion, and rebuilding a legacy. We are part of a larger B-corp parent company where our model is simple; start small, connect the vision/mission, grow the  community and capability.   Our line will include, 100% cotton/organic cotton and a HEMP line of apparel for your brand needs.

We employ locally, with a focus on the "at-risk / re-entering" population, and we produce products many people use: T-shirts, Polos & Hoodies.   Our globally connected model of "Do Good Always" supports a much larger ecosystem...know that with every purchase of our product a percentage goes to support: under-served cotton farmers - whose product supports our brand, the preservation of African American History in Fashion & Textile, and the building of our educational-connect the community hub: Stylist Row.  

Stylist Row, an education hub, will enable users to create a  membership "database" of African-American Stylist/Fashion/Sourcing experts, who you can connect with to support your fashion/brand needs.  Breaking down barriers African-American/Latinx communities may encounter when entering into the fashion space within the development, production, and sourcing landscape. 

Our "Blanks" apparel line, produced with  cotton from African, African-American cotton farmers.

Our "Blanks" apparel line, produced with cotton from African, African-American cotton farmers.

The Story of Your Shirt...Is OUR STORY

 The shirt or hoodie on your back doesn’t start in the store… it  starts in a field of cotton. Producers, manufacturers and distributors of apparel products are leaders in the print-house production space. Ad&M Apparel's Seed-2-Shirt initiative is rebuilding manufacturing, production and distribution in the African-American community.  More than a shirt, its a movement. 

Connect - Preserve


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