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Our Commitment

Positively impact the environment and Black farmers globally. A percentage of every sale goes back to enabling our eco-ethical sourcing, hiring, and building within Black communities.

Farmer Enrichment

Our Farmer Enrichment Program supports small-hold organic cotton farmers who supply the cotton for our T-shirt line. This program provides outreach services, training, and resources like farm tools and equipment.

Environmental Aware

Our product is produced at our carbon-neutral fair-trade facility. We transition farmers into regenerative and Climate Beneficial™ practices. Seed2Shirt continuously seeks and implements best practices to ensure we are aiding in a better world.

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Teju Adisa-Farrar, Equity Consultant & Speaker

“Seed2Shirt works on critical issues at the intersection of regenerative & organic agriculture, meaningful livelihood development, and cultural revival…Work that connects us forward and repairs the diverse human tapestry through the act of making cloth and clothing that we can wear and be proud of.”

— Rebecca Burgess, Fibershed Founder and Executive Director

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