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Black-made apparel providing ethical, sustainable and social impact.

Our Mission

Our vision is clear. We are a company that empowers marginalized people by creating earth-friendly and fair-trade products and services and creating and collaborating in supportive programs that do good and change the world. Black cotton farmers and cooperatives are the backbone of our operation. We uphold our values by investing in the growth and wellness of regenerative and organic agricultural practices and carbon-neutral and eco-friendly production.

Our Story

We are the first black-woman-owned vertically integrated apparel manufacturing & print on demand company in the US. Our products are ethically and sustainably manufactured from cotton material from African, and African-American cotton farmers produced at our small batch production centers in the US and Africa.  

Our Impact

We have developed relationships nationally and internationally for the past five years to ensure integrity and intention within the apparel manufacturing sector. We have created a Farmer Enrichment Program building our path forward by working in 4 countries on two continents (U.S. & Africa). You contribute to our Program, which currently serves 8,400 African farmers and 1,200 U.S. farmers for every order. Of the African farmers we serve, 58% are women. In addition to sales, $215,000 has been committed to expanding our outreach to 15,000+ more diverse farmers. We’ve partnered with 350 thousand cotton farmers in West Africa, sourced from 12,000 BIPOC Organic cotton farmers. Learn more about our program here.

Our Team

Our team represents the mission of Seed2Shirt; diverse, passionate, international, and impactful.