Changing the World through Programs

We are a purpose-driven and heart-centered company, that’s guided by our 4 P’s that empowers people who’ve been traditionally marginalized, creates planet-beneficial products and services, and uses our profits-for-good, by creating programs that change the world.

Farmer Enrichment Program

Farmer Enrichment Program Work Supporting African Diaspora Cotton Farmers and Specialty Crop Farmers Organic Gowing practices and Resources access.

Climate Beneficial Fiber

Building New, Accessible, and Equitable Market Opportunities and Developing African American Climate-Smart Cotton Farmers.

B.L.A.C.Kollective | Black Land Agroecology Cotton-farmer Kollective

Re-Building Black Cotton Agroecology Production Economies & Infrastructure Futures. Using New, Accessible, and Equitable Approaches that Restores, Reclaims, and Heals Black Land Stewardship & Communities.